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Digital Toolkit 2022 - Paid Marketing on a Budget - BillBoards, Print & Digital Media

Date: 16 Mar 2022, 1:30pm - 2:30pm (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

Paid Marketing on a Budget - BillBoards, Print & Digital Media

Paid Marketing on a Budget

Learn the Secrets to Digital Marketing on a Budget!


Taryn Syratt, Jeff Jaraved, Nik Brown, Katrina Puranik


Join Taryn & Jeff from, Nik Brown from Sky Jellyfish Video Productions & Katrina Puranik from Ranking Australia as we will explore the channels of Digital Marketing for Small Business - What do they cost - how can you get results on a small budget? Find out how from the Digital Experts - Run your ideas and methods by us and we will provide insight from our own experiences.


1:30pm Wednesday 16th March - See Below

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The Digital Toolkit is still a fairly new platform for small business to utilise - and we are still getting the message out there - help us spread the word by following our LinkedIn Page and sharing the content across the web.

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