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Digital Tools 2022 - Digital Experts 2022 - Brisbane Australia

Is Your Digital Toolkit Ready for 2022? - LIVE ON FACEBOOK 

Before we look at 2022, we really need to conduct an audit of all of our digital assets from 2021.  It is so easy to get tardy and yes we get busy, however, if we are going to do it right then let’s do a digital media audit. Audit Social Media Accounts. An audit of your social media accounts will give you an understanding of what’s happening on each social media platform. The audit will inform you on:-

Start by searching the web, google your company name and/or the products or services that you promote online. If you find accounts that claim to be you but are not on Facebook, then you will need to ask all of your Facebook connections to make a complaint to Facebook to have them removed. Are your social media accounts all on brand? Check your accounts against your style guide ensuring that you are using up to date imagery and hashtags. Where possible have you entered your company bio or about page? Have you linked to your homepage or blog? Check your pinned posts, are they still relevant? Have you gone through the verification process? Review your previous posts and those posts that have great engagement or reach repost them.  What is trending for 2022? Hootsuite conducted a survey at the end of 2021 to determine: - 

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