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Top 3 Daily Planners Online

Take a look at the Best Digital Planners. 

What makes an excellent
Digital Planner?

With so many planners to choose from, it is easy to find yourself confused about making the right choices. Firstly, spend some time deciding what you want in a planner. Do you have a specific day that you do administrative duties or sales calls? Do you require an hourly or daily scheduler? What particular tasks get finished each day?

What makes an excellent Daily Planner?

A good planner is essential in preparing, organising and working effectively, ensuring you deal with urgent problems or changes and reach deadlines on time. A practical planner can take a project apart and divide it into functional tasks. Tasks are assigned to responsible parties within a realistic deadline. They can install warning points along the way to keep things on track and schedule (i.e., reminders tasks, deadlines). Planners orchestrated to look excellent and aesthetic to the eye and be functional.

The best digital planners, designed with PDF annotation apps such as GoodNotes and Notability (an embedded digital planner option) on iOS and Android-friendly Xodo. They also include convenient indexes with hyperlinks, allowing you to navigate to specific dates, weeks, lists, and other sections in your planner. With digital organisers, you will never run out of space. Many planners allow you to insert additional pages, including templates for budget tracking, meal planning, detailed meeting notes, and blank pages.

Digital Planner vs Paper Planner

Digital Planners are

They have a lesser impact on the environment, as you are no longer using natural resources for paper. Talk to your energy provider about using green energy to take this one step further! 

Accessible from
any device.

Easily accessible on any phone, iPad or tablet, or desktop computer. They are highly responsive and work across platforms and devices to always keep synchronised.

Digital Planners come with
app integrations.

There are increasing demands for businesses being able to conduct meetings online. This makes digital planners with app integrations highly sort after. 

Planners should be

Digital Planners make changing appointment dates, adding attendees to meetings and updating information a breeze. You can not update the information but send update notifications instantly to all involved. Paper is a thing of the past. 

My Daily Planners 2021/2022 Digital Planner


Things 3 Mac Application


The Planners Collective Ultimate Digital Planner


  • Monday and Sunday start options included.
  • Complete 2021 and 2022 years.
  • Install Goodnotes5, Notability, Noteshelf or other PDF annotation app on iPad, iPad Pro and MAC.
  • Dated by year, month, week and daily pages interlinked with over 60K hyperlinks - Hyperlinks demonstration - Watch the video
  • Each widget in the digital planner contains hyperlinks and enables you to jump to any monthly, weekly or daily page.
  •  Monthly budget and weekly notes pages linked with the related monthly, weekly or daily page.
  • Six separate project folders accessible by tabs on the index page that you can use to organise and insert template pages for maximum customisation.
  • Two methods can use the Digital Planner: Pen or stylus to write with, or text tool – to type in the desired text.

It helps you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress toward your goals.

  • Your To-Dos -add notes, tag it, schedule it, or break it down into smaller steps.
  • Your Projects
  • Create a Project, add the to-dos. Jot down notes, deadlines and headings.
  • Your Areas
  • Create an Area for each area of your life, such as Work, Family, Finance.
  • Your Plan
  • Everything on your schedule organised in lists, which show to-dos and calendar events.
  • Reminders
  • Repeaters — repeat to-dos on a schedule you set.
  • This Evening — evening plans feature.
  • Calendar integration —events and appointments
  • Tags 
  • Quick Entry — create to-dos from anywhere
  • Quick Find — instantly locate to-dos, headings, or tags.
  • Widgets — see your lists in Notification Center.
  • Mail — forward an email to Things; now it’s a to-do. 

Note this app is only available on a Mac.

This planner Starts in May 2021 and includes two full years dated! Used on your iPad or tablet with any annotation app such as Notes Writer (free), Xodo (free for Android/Windows users), Goodnotes, Notability, etc. Included · 15 Different cover pages to choose from · Includes four digital planners!
  • Monday and Sunday start dates
  • Two different weekly page layouts
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly planning pages
  • Yearly planning pages
  • Index page (lifestyle planning pages)
  • Month at a glance page 
  • Monthly review pages
  • Yearly goals page
  • Meal planning, ideas & Grocery Pages
  • Habit tracker, Mood Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Dream Tracker, bucket list
  • Gratitude Journal & Vision Board
  • To do lists, key dates
  • To read list, to watch list
  • Contacts, emergency contacts
  • Notes, grids, note paper, digital stickers and stick notes!
  • Finances, budget, expenses / bills and more.
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