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Digital Toolkit  - Google Analytics GA4 - Changes

Optimised Marketing with Google Analytics


Katrina Puranik - Ranking Australia


What Happened to Google Analytics?
Understand Why Marketing with Google Analytics Needs to be with GA4


GA4, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

Setting up GA4

If you are technically inclined than feel free to try the steps below to set your new GA4 - otherwise please feel free to activate your analytics with Ranking Australia - They can show you how to retain all the data you used to loved about the Universal Analytics too. Click here for more information.

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Katrina Puranik

Katrina Puranik - Founder and Director of Ranking Australia, Digital Toolkit and Web Angels - Is a Google Marketing Expert. 

| Posted by Katrina Puranik
How to Get Found on Google in a Day
Google My Business Must-Haves

Google My Business - What you need to know for your business....Did you know that Google holds the title of the world’s most-visited website?

| Posted by Katrina Puranik

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